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Pipes for High Pressure

Pessina Tubi Spa is a Lombard company specialised in distribution throughout Italy of pipes for various uses in industry and construction. At the large warehouses owned by the company in Sesto San Giovanni and sull'Adda are stored pipes of any diameter and thickness, created with the most modern processing techniques, so that the customer has at his full availability, at any time, any type of product necessary.

The selection of high pressure pipes

The vast selection of Pessina Tubi products includes pipes for high pressure, which are pipes for conducting gas that are smooth and made of seamless Fe 45-1 steel (UNI 7088/72), specifically for high pressures.

Also available are smooth, seamless, class gas steel pipes for high-pressures in Fe 45-1 (UNI 7088/72) steel. UNI Origin (T.N. 8109). EN 10255: 2007 (EX uni 8863/87).

The pipes for high pressure are in fact used in hydraulic circuits, where they serve as a link between the various components, transporting high pressure gas for movimentation, for example, of the pistons (if they are used in hydraulic motors). It is therefore immediately evident why pipes for high pressures must be made with attention to all details, with respect to the other pipes for domestic use.

Pessina Tubi also produces precision pipes, boiler pipes and other steel products. The maximum guarantee for the customer's entire experience in the field had already begun in 1932 with the sale of cold-drawn tubes, and now the company ensures complete knowledge of the world of pipes.

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