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Seamless Pipes

Seamless pipes, regardless of the type of steel they are made from or their thickness or diameter, offer considerable guarantees of strength and compactness arising from the fact that they are made in a single piece (which is generally obtained thanks to a mechanical drawing process): they are therefore ideal for managing the passage of liquids and gases at high pressures.

Pipes produced without welding: types and applications

The following examples are produced without welding:

• precision unalloyed cold-finished steel pipes (unalloyed steel is intended as steel with no additional components besides iron and carbon);
• black and galvanised pipes for water and gas, which in some variations may also be made with welding, but this is not the case if they are pipes for high pressure;
• boiler pipes, which for their use within air motors, must bear the passage of high-pressure gas;

and various other types of pipes.

Pessina Tubi Spa is a company based in the province of Milan, which is responsible for sales, on a national level, of tubes and pipes of every kind (including, as previously shown, seamless pipes), as well as steel products such as bars, angles, sheets and profiles.

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